Analysis the song lyric of “someone like you” by Adele related to affective theory

Song lyric is a part of literary work, lyrics same with the poem, but it was served with a song, and included in the genre of imaginative literature, song lyric has storyline and meaning. Related to affective theory, the idea that art and literatures evoke deep and universal responses in readers or listeners, no matter what age or culture they are from. In song lyric of “someone like you” by Adele we can see the storyline about the woman who telling about her love story, this is sad love story, we could feel the sadness that she feels, disappointment, and her perseverance.
Key words: song lyric, affective theory, respond by listener

Literature is a form of art that is expressed by human thoughts and feelings with the beauty of language, originality of ideas, and the depth of the message. Literature is a social institution that uses the medium of language.
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